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Deforestation Is A Global Issue

Deforestation is often caused by the general belief that more arable land is needed to produce enough food for a growing world population. Although forests still occupy 30% of the world’s land area, roughly equal to the size of Panama, about 7 million hectares of forest are destroyed each year. The Food and Agriculture Agency claims that deforestation is one of the most significant and widespread changes on earth caused by human activity. The cumulative loss of forest areas followed with the global growth of the world population.

Tree Service

If you need to take care of trees near you call Tree Service and they will help you out instantly. Although forests are being cleared for many reasons, agricultural production is the main cause. Lack of arable land, as well as the growing need for increased food production, have caused deforestation to provide sufficient land for crop and livestock production. In the tropics, small farmers often use the method of burning and cutting down forests. This type of cultivation is based on cutting down forests and burning trees. The ashes of burned trees serve to improve the properties of the soil, however, the problem with this type of cultivation is that after a few years the soil ceases to be fertile. Another very important role of forests is that they represent a habitat for about 70% of all plants and animals. Sustainable management of agricultural production is a key solution for the future of agriculture and forests. In order to reduce deforestation for arable land, it is very important that farmers increase their yields per unit area.

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